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My new poster

22 Nov

I’ve had this poster for 3 years and it has hung in 3 different apartments so it’s understandable that I began to get tired of looking at it. I decided it was time for a poster makeover.

Old poster:

Look closer:

Coco’s clothes may have stood the test of time but her posters have an expiration date.

So instead of rolling it up and finding a brand new poster to display, I thought a little creative handiwork would be the best idea. This paper pattern seemed like the best solution.  Look how pretty these guys are:

Glub, glub, glub.

A cut here, a slice there, a dab of adhesive spray and voila!  New poster!



Landscape 101

18 Nov

I am taking a landscape graphics/drafting class for…well, for fun.  Technical drawing is a skill and one of my ideas is to just acquire skills and be able to do everything.  EVERYTHING.  My business cards will one day read:  Artistic Innovator/Skill Collector/Yoga Instructor/Non-certified Masseuse. One day.  So while I may not be ready for the professional world with this particular skill, I do like what I’ve done so far.  And here it is.


Cake Bake

18 Nov

In one of the many (many) ideas that run through my head on a weekly basis, I had the genius idea to take a cake decorating class. I knew that 1 – I’d be good at it and 2 – I’d enjoy it and 3 – I’d be good at if. So here is the fruits of my effort on display for you to see.