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New Year Resolutions

31 Dec

This year I vow to do the following:

1 – Cook more often.  This way I will be prepared when I need to throw together a delicious meal for a guest or two at a moments notice. “This dish?  Oh, its something I make all the time, it’s nothing, really.”  My most frequent guest currently does most of the cooking.  I resolve to do this anyway.

2 –  Call my mother so often that every time we speak it will be like we are in the middle of a conversation and our talks will begin with, “Hey mom, what do you think of the orange for my living room walls?” instead of “Hey mom…what?  No, nothing is wrong… I know…I know…I’m sorry…”

3 – Become a certified yoga instructor and heal the world’s physical ailments through Standing Crow Pose.

4 – Become a master painter/drawer.

5 – Use #3 and #4 to become independently wealthy, pay of all of my debt and leave the world of administration forever.

Wish me luck!


Pen and paper

29 Dec

…and by pen I mean sharpie.

All works approximately 5″x 6-7″, pen on paper.


28 Dec

I took a Botanical drawing class at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this past fall. All of these were done with colored pencil on hot-pressed watercolor paper.  All sizes are 7″x4″.

This was the first one I did on the first day of class.  It’s a seed pod I can’t remember the name of.

This leaf took me what seemed to be forever.

This one took me the longest to finish:

This pepper was not my favorite but I thought it deserved a spot in this post:

The stem is my favorite part!

Post Christmas fun

26 Dec

Christmas may be over but there is still lots of fun to be had:


I hope everyone had a fun Christmas!!

Happy Holidays!

26 Dec

This morning, on the phone with an automated bill pay.

Them:  You have paid two-hundred, twenty-eight dollars.  Is this amount correct?

Me:  Yes.


Them:  I’m sorry, I could-not hear you.  You have paid two-hundred, twenty-eight dollars.  Is this correct?

Me:  Yes!


Them:  I’m sorry.  I did-not hear you.  You have paid-


Sam, from the other room:  Happy Holidays!


24 Dec

Oil pastels on paper, small x small.


22 Dec

I used to be an art teacher and one of my favorite projects was a simple one:  Sit down, turn on the classical piano and doodle to your hearts content.   I brought in my notebooks and showed the fifth grade students page after page of intricate cross-hatching, bubbles, stars, pinwheels and encouraged them to come up with their own ideas.  “No number or letters,” I told them.  And “NO TALKING.  You should just let yourself focus on what you are doing.”

A group of 33 eleven-year olds can be a tough sell.  But they loved it of course and were very proud of their finished products.  One of their mother’s told me later that her son skipped watching tv after dinner so he could keep working on his doodle.

And on that note, here is MY favorite doodle:

**Another website to check out is for artist Scott Wilson who has taken the concept of drawing on napkins (how many doodles start) to another level.  The end result is something you should see for yourself.