Archive | January, 2010

Still life, oil pastels

30 Jan

This is a favorite:

Oil pastel on paper 11″x17″


Sky Mall Magazine's diamond in the rough.

25 Jan

**Just disturbing enough to be amazing.**


17 Jan

I have been officially accepted to the Yoga to the People Winter Teacher Training Program!

I was so excited that I had to start practicing immediately!

The Bionic Woman

11 Jan

I was in a suburban doorway this afternoon, where I discovered that if you stand in the right spot at the right time of  the day, you will cast a nice long silhoutte. After I made ths discovery I spent a few minutes dancing and striking poses until I remembered I had my camera.  I pulled it out of my bag, found the perfect Dazed and Confused looking pose and snapped away.

**I reference The Bionic Woman because doesn’t it look like I can leap over tall buildings in a single bound?

One of my favorites

5 Jan

Okay okay, I know I come off as The Crazy Cat Lady but this is one of my favorite drawings that I’ve done.  I love the simplicity in the lines and how it took me about 8 minutes to draw.  Which is good, considering the subject was waffling on whether to finish her meal or not.

Conte Crayon on paper, 8.5″x11″