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Inspiration Overload

20 Feb

Every now and then I step my sneaker-clad foot into a life that I don’t really live.  This phenomenon happens about once a year when Fashion Week rolls into town.  This year I had an official, sealed in an envelope invitation to the Max Azria for Herve Leger show, thanks to a friend of mine who is a friend of Max’s.  Not an invitation that is to be turned down, no matter how little sleep you got the night before (thank you Atlantic City) .  So on Valentines Day I  donned my high heels and hopped into a cab to get to Bryant Park.

Once inside the lights go down, the music starts and the first dress to strut down the runway is covered in: studs.

Studs are obviously what have been missing in my life all this time.  Where can I find my own, I thought as dress after dress paraded out, studded to perfection.  How can I – I know!  Maybe I can get some individual studs and put them on my clothes!  Maybe a couple on my sneakers to make them less boring.  Or I can put some on a jacket collar to make it more fun, I mean I obviously can’t cover an entire jacket in them that would just be weird.  Maybe I can put them on little strips of fabric to make bracelets – oh, on strips of leather!  Yes, that would look great but where can I – oh I know! I can use the straps of all those old purses I never touch anymore….

Later that night I attended another show.  This one was back in Brooklyn at Glasslands.  At this show, anyone could get in if you just paid the 7 dollar cover, no fancy sealed envelope necessary.

The band was good but what I really took notice of was the great background created for the stage.  A pretty sky blue wall that had what looked to be white paper, origami-esque flowers stuck to the top to form an organic, cloud like structure.  If you look close here…

I mean, how neat does that look!  I can do the same thing in my room.  Of course my walls are a mint green but it would look really pretty if I took white paper and made those flowers we learned how to make in elementary school and attach them to the wall in a similar design.  All in white that would look nice.  Oh, I bet I could even take my leftover white paint and paint some branch-like pictures on the walls.  Or a tree, a big white tree, like the ones I learned to draw in my landscape design classes.  Will it look weird?   I don’t care, I’m doing it.  I can start on it in the morning when I wake up.  Oh but I also have to finish that scarf I started, that’s been on my mind too.  And I keep meaning to spray paint those jars on my shelf with that white paint, maybe I can do that tomorrow as well.  And I must remember to charge my camera so I can keep taking pictures and I really really don’t want to forget my studs idea.  And am I ever going to get around to painting the rest of the apartment???

I can’t take it.  I’m going to bed.



11 Feb

The snowstorm started late last night and by the time I woke up this morning my neighborhood was a blanket.

I had to go to work today much like many others in NYC.  Nobody looked too happy about it either.  The news reports the day before announced the closings of schools, churches, government buildings, etc. They suggested staying home, staying inside, staying off the roads.  And quite a few people I knew had the day off.  We should all be home today, I thought.  It’s not safe, it’s not fair.  People on the street seemed to share my sentiments:

Note the fed up look on this man’s face.

Anyway, while I was at work today bemoaning my fate and dreading my walk home through the blustery wind, I was buzzed into a conversation (thank you google) where this article from the New York Times came up.  “Check out the very last quote in the article,” buzzed Cory.  I scrolled down and read this:

”It’s just snow,” said Beth Wolfram, 30, a government contractor. ”It’s not like it’s attacking us.”

She’s right, I thought.  It’s just snow.  In fact, it’s  pretty and I don’t really mind being at work today.  And a lot of other people recognized this too, which I noticed mostly on my previously dreaded walk home through McCarren Park.

Look how thrilled these two are.

This man seemed totally happy to be sitting in the snow.

I think these two girls say it all.

Happy Snow Day!

**Special thanks to Leigh Parker who unknowingly put the word Snowpocalypse in my head, for which this post is named after.*

My new table – Before, After and in Between…

9 Feb

Sams’ brother gave me this table a  few weeks ago:

The table was good in two ways:

1  – I needed a table to put my television on.

2  – It was free.

If you think I exaggerate what this table was, look closer:

So I lived with it for a few weeks until yesterday when I cracked, bought a scraper, pulled out my sander, white paint, and specially purchased paper from Dick Blick for just such a project.  I began by scraping the silly stickers off the top and sanded it down to a nice, smooth wood.

Ahhhh, better already!

I finished the project by painting the tabletop a matte white and used multi-purpose adhesive spray to add a special touch.

(Hint:  an exacto knife helped me get the edges of the paper perfect.)

Voila!  The finished product.

I love it!

**A special thanks to The Rolling Stones, Paul Simon, Carly Simon and 105.9 WQXR Classical Music station for accompanying me while I worked.**