11 Feb

The snowstorm started late last night and by the time I woke up this morning my neighborhood was a blanket.

I had to go to work today much like many others in NYC.  Nobody looked too happy about it either.  The news reports the day before announced the closings of schools, churches, government buildings, etc. They suggested staying home, staying inside, staying off the roads.  And quite a few people I knew had the day off.  We should all be home today, I thought.  It’s not safe, it’s not fair.  People on the street seemed to share my sentiments:

Note the fed up look on this man’s face.

Anyway, while I was at work today bemoaning my fate and dreading my walk home through the blustery wind, I was buzzed into a conversation (thank you google) where this article from the New York Times came up.  “Check out the very last quote in the article,” buzzed Cory.  I scrolled down and read this:

”It’s just snow,” said Beth Wolfram, 30, a government contractor. ”It’s not like it’s attacking us.”

She’s right, I thought.  It’s just snow.  In fact, it’s  pretty and I don’t really mind being at work today.  And a lot of other people recognized this too, which I noticed mostly on my previously dreaded walk home through McCarren Park.

Look how thrilled these two are.

This man seemed totally happy to be sitting in the snow.

I think these two girls say it all.

Happy Snow Day!

**Special thanks to Leigh Parker who unknowingly put the word Snowpocalypse in my head, for which this post is named after.*


One Response to “Snowpocalypse”

  1. Jenny T Huerta February 11, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Keep worm, I love your drawings!! Hope to see you next time I am in NY

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