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Down South

31 May

I was in the south this weekend, a town in North Carolina (it’s the south, I don’t care how many times the title says “north”) and was struck by the bright colors that are used to paint the houses.  This house was a favorite with it’s bold hot-pink doors and matching shutters.

It looked so cute I had to get a full shot of it:

And that’s when I noticed this little guy, trying to get into my shot:

Hello there!


Self-promotion of the shameless variety.

17 May

I’m back!

I recently went on hiatus due to my fulfilling one of 5 New Years Resolutions.  Now that I have completed one of my resolutions successfully, I am ready to move on to the other 4 that went pretty much neglected since then (sorry mom.)  To give myself a little inspiration to complete the other 4, I had mini cards made!  The website allows you to print 100 mini-cards for the bargain price of $25.00.  You can either choose from the library of images that they have on their site or upload your own, which is what I chose to do.

Check them out below:

They’re small, about half the size of a regular card.  See that?

And this is what the backs of them look like:

That’s right.  I called myself an artist/blogger!

Now I can ask strangers if I can take their picture and seem somewhat legit by handing them these cute cards! Genius, right?