I'm so bad with plants.

9 Jun

And it’s sort of true.  My biggest problem is that I don’t water them.  I once went through three jade plants in a year because I could not bring myself to water or care for them in any way, despite their practically audible cries for a drink.  Maybe I am afraid the plants will somehow try to dominate my life.  Note to self:  Resolve this before I have children.

Sam of course, thinks this is ridiculous.  “Just water them,” he says, with a look of disbelief, almost confusion on his face.  Regardless, he found faith in me and has set me up with my very own fire escape garden.  I admit the first week was a shaky start as I would see the plants outside and grapple internally with the project of the watering can. But once I started I couldn’t stop.  And it’s going well!

Here is your sneak peek.

Looking good from the inside.

Cucumbers are starting to look pretty.

They get such lovely flowers.

The strawberry plant is starting to show progress too.

The first haul.


My only problem now?  Trying not to OVERWATER them.  I’m so afraid they’ll die!

Look who is totally indifferent:


2 Responses to “I'm so bad with plants.”

  1. Rosario June 10, 2010 at 2:58 am #

    The plants loo GRAET, you are doing just fine. La FRUTILLA se ve deliciosa!!! Besos.

  2. Debby June 30, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    I kill plants too. In fact, that’s why I’m a vegetarian. I just hate plants. Hate them!

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