Old Friends are the best.

14 Sep

During my recent transition (read:  Major Move), I came across three old friends that I hadn’t seen in quite a while.  They were people I met during my beloved painting classes in college and until now they have been patient with my indifference of their existence.  Allow me to introduce them to you now:

Meet David (the one on the left).  David was one of the two models the school employed on a regular basis.  He was the first thing I painted onto the canvas.  I then decided to immortalize the skeleton that was always in our classroom because well, just look at them together.  “Now paint the background,” urged my teacher.  “Fine,” I said and in an effort to just get it done I painted it this awful green color.

Now meet Eleanor.  Eleanor was the second model the school employed on a very regular basis.  Eleanor was 81 and awesome.  She would walk into the classroom in a dignified fashion and then disappear behind the screen to disrobe and don a terry cloth robe.  Someone would then assist her on to the platform where she would promptly remove her robe and sit for 2.5 hours without moving.

And last but not least is a woman I don’t remember much.  She was not a frequent model.  On her second day of modeling  she announced that she was recovering from a rash on her body.  I was kind enough to not include it.


One Response to “Old Friends are the best.”

  1. Rosario September 15, 2010 at 5:07 am #

    Patty, I LOVE THIS PAINTINGS, never so them before, they are beaytiful. when I get to my 80’s mabe I can be your “MODEL”

    Love you.

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