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Spring in the South

10 Apr

When I first moved into North Carolina, I had no idea the number of beautiful days that occur here.  They’re endless!  They far outweigh the rainy and snowy days, which are nice in their own right.  But what’s going on outside right now is not to be missed.  My father (who is waaaaay deeper than I am) told me this week, “Each time you see a color or a picture you like, your mind attaches a feeling to it.  Each time you see that color you are reminded of that feeling and that feeling can be recreated.”  Which would explain how happy these days make me and confirm for me that right now, I am living in the exact perfect spot of this giant country.




I AM a writer!

1 Apr

I love to write.  I’m not one to write a grand epic novel, that’s not quite in me.  But I like to write so much that I started this blog so I could simultaneously put up any artwork I do and write a little somethin’ down for people to read now and then and enjoy myself while doing so.

But recently, I have been thinking to myself, meh, I’m not really a writer.  I don’t say to people when I introduce myself, “I’m Patricia, I write!” I started to get a little down thinking how while I like to do this it’s never been anything that takes off or has been any kind of important.  And then I remembered that time that it had.

When I worked in New York, I was given the task from my boss to write a “blurb/editorial” about our company ILevel.  He told me it was for an article about things that are unique to New York and cannot be found anywhere else.  “It’s going to be in Avenue magazine,” he said.  “Can you do that?”

Uhhh, can I?  “Sure!” I said cheerfully, feeling doubtful.  Eek, can I really do it?  What if he doesn’t like it?  What am I going to write?  What if he hates it so much he fires me (this was an actual conversation in my head).  So I stepped away from the phones, went down to Two Boots pizza to take a load off and sat and thought.  And below, right beneath the section that says “ILEVEL” is what I came up with:

p.s.  My boss loved it!  It says his name for the byline but that’s okay because it was written word for word  by me.  Patricia Mendizabal, writer.