This week I’m in love with: Just Plain Grateful

8 Oct

  This week I’m in love with a new blog titled Just Plain Grateful by Duke Grad Student, Courtney Lareau.

Being a grad student is not an easy task.  If you think it’s an extension of undergrad life, forget it.  Your time, sleep, and brain power are tested to the max and daily life just isn’t what it used to be BGS (before grad school).

Courtney has decided that in this her last year of school she is going to take the time to remember all of the ways her life is just not that bad – despite, tests, papers, networking, job hunting, etc.  All of the student things that can cloud the brain and stop us from taking a moment to look around and appreciate the beautiful things that are all around us.  She writes about the friendly bus drivers she encounters, the friends she loves, the pumpkins that have been carved, the blackout that kept her from working and gave her 45 minutes to step away from her computer.

Each day she is posting a new picture and a new reason to be grateful for the abundance that fills her life.  Beginning on August 29th and going through to her graduation day, Courtney is taking it upon herself to stop, look, listen, and remember that she is surrounded by a zillion things to be happy about.  How awesome is that?  Good luck Courtney both in school and with your project!  I am so looking forward to reading more!

Day 20: Fresh Flowers

Day 27: Gumball machines

Day 9: Keep on keepin' on.


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