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All hail the Juice!

28 Jan

I love juicing, I truly do. It’s like drinking a salad which sounds much more appealing after you down some fresh juice.  I took the advice of Kris Carr at Crazy Sexy Life and bought my Breville Compact Juice Fountain over the summer of 2011.  Needless to say, I haven’t looked back. I’ve juiced carrots, beets, lettuce, cilantro, broccoli (of which many scraps landed in my hair), cucumbers, Romaine lettuce heads, apples, lemons, ginger root, celery.  And there’s more to come.

Here is my most recent, favorite recipe from Jenny Sansouci at Healthy Crush. A tad spicy, known more as being a “savory” juice than a sweet one.

Cilantro Juice Recipe
makes about 16-20 oz juice, depending on juicer & produce size

  • 2 large cucumbers
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 lime
  • 1 cup coconut water (mix in after juicing the rest of the stuff).

If you are not sold, put the juice in a fun glass to take the edge off.

I realize this puts me in this category. But I can live with that 🙂

One thing to note.  I know everyone hears the same thing when it comes to juicing. “Oh, i love it, it gives me so much energy, I love the taste!,” etc, etc. But let me say this from experience – it’s true.  I remember one day in particular when I juiced a couple of beets, carrots and apples before work. I drank the concoction and half an hour later, it was as if I had drank a cup of coffee.  In a good way. Not in a “climb the walls with nervous energy” way that I dislike about coffee.

I hope you enjoy!


Excuse me, can I organize your closet?

24 Jan

Like something Cher Horowitz would come up with - a computer in your closet to super-impose your chosen outfit onto your body.

There is nothing in the world that gives me such joy as the idea of someone letting me organize their bedroom closet. I love going through clothes with people, deciding which items should stay and which should go. Which items could possibly be saved and tailored, what shoes should stay and which have definitely run their course. Helping people find “new” where they thought only old lived.  The folding of shirts! Identical hangers! The stacking of jeans!  Clothes facing the same direction! Shoes neatly stored in boxes! (I don’t believe in those shoe rack/bag thingies).

So until someone contacts me to help them find the beautiful closet that is without a doubt, hiding in their current closet, here are samples of clean closet spaces that embody my aesthetic.

Shoe storage mechanism - approved! And are those matching hangers too?!

Fold and stack, color-coordinated and facing the same direction - approved!

See how the pants are on individual wooden hangers? Non-plastic hangers keep them from sagging and keeps them neat looking - approved! As for the shoe storage, i'll let it slide.

And finally, jeans stacked on a shelf - approved!

*When I go back to Colorado, I will take a picture of my mother’s awesome closet and you will understand how this love began. I’ll snap a picture of my little make-shift closet when I get a camera. Yup, you heard me 🙂
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Theme of the week: Masks

22 Jan

The best decision I’ve made has been to start weekly Art Dates with Ali Hinks.  I chose the “theme” for this week.  Ali will choose the theme for next week. And so on and so on.

This week:  Masks. I’m already getting so much use out of mine!

What kind of masks will you make this week?

Did someone say leopard?

19 Jan

My first piece of leopard came in the form of a Nine West purse I bought in 2000.  It was beautiful, perfect, stylish and amazing – and then I left it in a cab.  In Bolivia.

In NYC a client said to me in a thick accent while eye-balling my leopard print flats, “You must have Russian in you. All Russian’s love animal prints.”

Purse trauma aside, all hail the leopard.

So pretty! So subtle!
So pretty but not so subtle. I don’t think downtown Durham is quite ready for this.
Don’t worry. You can always start simple with a  scarf.
Rachel Zoe says, “Only ONE piece of leopard at a time.” But I just couldn’t resist 🙂

This week I’m in love with : Advanced Style.

18 Jan

“In your twenties you embrace  your sexuality. In your 30’s you embrace your adulthood. In your 40’s you embrace your Self. In your 50’s you embrace your voice and in your 60’s you embrace your power. I haven’t gotten further than that.”

-Marianne Williamson.

Need more? I don’ blame you. Click here.

I. Love. Yoga.

16 Jan

Each time I think I may be faltering in my passion for teaching yoga, something happens that throws a wave of inspiration on me.  This week, it’s this video by Tiffany Cruikshank. Graceful, intentional, strong, happy, beautiful, bright and athletic. Watching it makes me feel like I can do anything that I am truly dedicated to.

Aaaand I fall in love all over again.

Oh, and did I mention that I love the music?

Fluffy, cozy, warm and snuggly.

14 Jan

Have I mentioned my love for knitting? Thanks to an awesome Christmas gift a few years ago (Hint: you can’t go wrong with knitting lessons!), I’ve become the frequent scarf maker. If frequent means 3 scarves in 3 years.  Anyway.

Big, warm, fluffy, alpaca.  All words that are good in scarf-speak.

Scarf #2.  Took me a full year simply because, it did. Deceptively big looking, but still warm and fluffy. Merino wool.

Do you see the subtle pattern? Lovely. Also special because my sweet 6 year old nephew helped me weave in the ends. A group effort scarf.

Currently working on scarf #3. It’s getting bigger and warmer and cozier each day.

Why, you ask, is your yarn in such a screwy and bunched up state?

I’ll give you one guess.