Fluffy, cozy, warm and snuggly.

14 Jan

Have I mentioned my love for knitting? Thanks to an awesome Christmas gift a few years ago (Hint: you can’t go wrong with knitting lessons!), I’ve become the frequent scarf maker. If frequent means 3 scarves in 3 years.  Anyway.

Big, warm, fluffy, alpaca.  All words that are good in scarf-speak.

Scarf #2.  Took me a full year simply because, it did. Deceptively big looking, but still warm and fluffy. Merino wool.

Do you see the subtle pattern? Lovely. Also special because my sweet 6 year old nephew helped me weave in the ends. A group effort scarf.

Currently working on scarf #3. It’s getting bigger and warmer and cozier each day.

Why, you ask, is your yarn in such a screwy and bunched up state?

I’ll give you one guess.


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