Excuse me, can I organize your closet?

24 Jan

Like something Cher Horowitz would come up with - a computer in your closet to super-impose your chosen outfit onto your body.

There is nothing in the world that gives me such joy as the idea of someone letting me organize their bedroom closet. I love going through clothes with people, deciding which items should stay and which should go. Which items could possibly be saved and tailored, what shoes should stay and which have definitely run their course. Helping people find “new” where they thought only old lived.  The folding of shirts! Identical hangers! The stacking of jeans!  Clothes facing the same direction! Shoes neatly stored in boxes! (I don’t believe in those shoe rack/bag thingies).

So until someone contacts me to help them find the beautiful closet that is without a doubt, hiding in their current closet, here are samples of clean closet spaces that embody my aesthetic.

Shoe storage mechanism - approved! And are those matching hangers too?!

Fold and stack, color-coordinated and facing the same direction - approved!

See how the pants are on individual wooden hangers? Non-plastic hangers keep them from sagging and keeps them neat looking - approved! As for the shoe storage, i'll let it slide.

And finally, jeans stacked on a shelf - approved!

*When I go back to Colorado, I will take a picture of my mother’s awesome closet and you will understand how this love began. I’ll snap a picture of my little make-shift closet when I get a camera. Yup, you heard me 🙂
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One Response to “Excuse me, can I organize your closet?”

  1. Rosario January 27, 2012 at 11:51 pm #

    Patty, before a read your last comment I was going to ask you to organize my closet next time you came to visit, thank you for your NICE COMMENT. Love you.

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