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The Portrait Project

17 Feb

So I’ve been taking this portrait project altogether too seriously until today when I picked up my dry-erase marker, stood in my mirror and did this.  Sweet relief….

…because yesterday I drew this in an attempt to loosen up….

…from spending several days drawing this. You’ll notice it’s still not finished. Note to artists: do study’s first. Loosen up. Or not and don’t have any fun at all.


Yarn is so darn Yummy.

6 Feb

I’ve previously mentioned my interest in knitting . But in comparison to Erin Kawamata, I am the apprentice to a novice.

Visit Erin’s Etsy store, Yarn Yumminess to shop her wares.  Like I did.

Shown here: The Green Tea hat. You can’t buy it anymore because I did.  I know awesome when I see it. Buy something, quick! Before regret rules your life!

This February, I resolve to eat more pie.

1 Feb

I think February is as good a month to make resolutions as January is, if not better.  So this month thanks to  Pie Sisters shop in Georgetown , I think I will be helping myself to a lot more pie.

Alli, Cat and Erin Blakely.

These three lovely ladies/bakers/sisters behind the entire operation know their sweets. They’ve been baking and experimenting with desserts for as long as they can remember.  When she was living in New York, Erin was famous for casually throwing ingredients together in her tiny kitchen and making not only edible, but delicious cookies! For someone who doesn’t make a move without a measuring cup (me) that was a pretty impressive feat.

Now the women have taken their collective baking experience to focus on what they do best – pies.  The work that is put into the presentation is simply a visual preview of the taste that awaits when you take a bite. And taste is abundant. Just have a slice of their bourbon chocolate pecan pie to become a believer. Or try a cuppie, their answer to the cupcake – in the form of a teeny tiny, palm of your hand sized pie!

A nine inch, cooling on the counter

Cuppies as far as the eye can see!

And not to mention that the storefront itself  is so freakin’ cute it makes you want to hang out all day and fall in love. Perfect for a love-filled February!

*Photos via Pie Sisters website and Allie Carroll photography.