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Women who were cool then and are cooler now.

3 Apr

I’m a big fan of women. I just love us. Really! I’m especially inspired by women who as they’ve gotten older have just expanded comfortably into their coolness. They were inspiring to many as young women but as they’ve aged, a certain loveliness has taken them over. Maybe it’s the, “getting comfortable in their own skin” thing, or maybe it’s just a certain something that only some women can pull off.  Either way, each of the women below make me embrace the fact that I am not getting younger (thank god) or older really, but better. And hopefully, I can do it gracefully as they are.

My favorite old school pictures of amazing women:

Jane Fonda, wearing something I would throw on right now.

Raquel Welch, rockin’ out with our Service men. Little known fact: She is actually Raquel Tejada and her father is Bolivian. Which explains a lot 🙂

Diane Keaton. Just hangin’ out, being cool.

Diane von Furstenberg, hanging out and knowing she is cool.

Oh, hi mom!


Jane Fonda

Raquel Welch (in Legally Blonde, no less).

Diane Keaton

Diane von Furstenberg. That’s President of the CFDA to you.

And my mom, on her birthday.
Does everyone see what I’m talking about!