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Whistle while you work

20 Aug



The view from my closet.

19 Aug

Several months ago, I promised you that when I had a camera I would post a picture of my own “make-shift closet” for you to get an idea of how I organize it.  Finally, here it is!

1)Purses sort of stacked and leaning against each other. 2) jeans and pants folded as neatly as currently possible. 3) on same shelf, scarves and winter hats stored safely in a plastic container 4) matching hangers THANK YOU MOM. 5) Shoes stacked and stored in their boxes.

The hangers were purchased at Home Goods, the shoes purchased mostly in New York City, and the style board was designed by yours truly.  It actually helps me get ready on some mornings when I haven’t a thing to wear 😉

Ta da!

Tell me how you like to keep things organized in the comments below, I love hearing tips on making things neater.