It’s Wednesday and I wanna make that!

17 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first episode of I wanna make that Wednesday!  In this ongoing series, I will make and test one of the many (I repeat MANY) homemade, all-natural, do-it-yourself-at-home beauty recipes I am constantly finding and bookmarking from the internet, tearing out of magazines, and highlighting in books. My hope is that my efforts to show you how it’s done and what the final product looks like will encourage you to try them out yourself and find a homemade, all-natural beauty recipe that truly works for you.

As you may know I am a HUGE fan of any beauty recipe that has 5 ingredients or less.  The less chemicals and the more all natural you lean, the better.  The recipe below calls for 3 ingredients:  1/2  an avocado, (1) tablespoon of plain yogurt and (1) teaspoon of honey.  Simple, clean and apparently, moisturizing!  Perfect for keeping your skin soft as the season changes.

Watch the video, make the recipe and  report back on what worked or didn’t work for you in the comments below

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Wednesday!

XO -Patricia


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