Sync Studio – A Southern establishment heads North

2 Apr


“I’m a Yankee,” I announced to my boyfriend as I rode along in the passenger’s seat of his car.

He laughed.  Him, the southern anomaly – Father from White Plains NY, mother from San Francisco and he somehow managed to develop a southern accent between the years 1996 and 2000.  College of course.  “You are definitely not a Yankee.”

“Well I’m definitely not a southerner, ”

“No, you’re not a southerner.  You’re from Florida.”

That old song.

My first 3 years as a transplant in New York, I longed for Florida during the months of January through March.  I would fly home and turn my face towards the weak sun like a plant searching for light.  That was plenty to satiate my Florida needs before I decided that I wasn’t leaving New York – ever.  Now I get hot in 50 degree weather, favor black and raise my eyebrow at any food with the word “feet” or “rind” in the title.

Every now now and then I experience a longing for New York.  In particular, the pure joy that came from teaching yoga to a group of 45 people – minimum.  The largest class I ever taught capped out at 72 bodies in the room.  The smallest, 35.  The surge that comes from guiding 50 + bodies in a wave of asana is incomparable in a way that can only be experienced by doing it.

There are two yoga studio in Durham that I frequent regularly and offer a similar energy.  And in a rarely seen reversal of migratory direction, one of those beloved studios is moving – you guessed it – to Brooklyn!  Sync Studio that hails from Durham is opening up a branch near my old neighborhood in Williamsburg.  Slated to open on South 2nd Street, Sync will be a studio (read: not a gym) that offers cycling classes and yoga classes.  After attending Sync’s yoga classes in Downtown Durham with David on Wednesdays and de-stressing on a bike with Amy on Mondays, I am able to proclaim that Sync is a professional, clean, and no BS facility that makes their classes fun for all attending.  Perfect for Brooklyn.  And what better way to build up a thirst for Green Juice than to sweat it out on a bike at Sync?

I love being able to offer something that I enjoy in my new southern home, to those who lives in my previous home of good ole’ Brooklyn.  Check out Sync and report back.

Talk to ya’ll later!




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