Say goodbye to My Sunlit Studio but HELLO to my new site!

28 Mar

Dear everyone,

Hello!  As you can tell by the title of this post, I have decided it was time to leave My Sunlit Studio and start a new website.  I chose to do this so I could start to offer more content in the different ways I wanted to and on a platform that works best for me.  This has been in the works for a LONG time so I am super pumped about the move.

I started this blog in November of 2009 because I loved the idea of having my own little space in the world to throw ideas on to.  My first post was about my cake decorating class and my classes at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  From then I chronicled my various creative endeavors, my yoga training, my move to the south, and my health and nutrition interests.  You saw my YouTube endeavors from the start and even then stuck with me!  It has been close to 6 years (!!!omigoodness!!!) that I started this site and in that time I allowed myself the chance to find and express my authentic voice that was dying to come out.  Now I am ready to change things up to go in a direction that I am so excited about!

Thanks to everyone who stumbled upon this site and read my posts!  Thanks to everyone for your comments!  Thank you to all who subscribed and chose to follow this blog because you found something that resonated with you!  Thanks to WordPress for being an awesome host!

I hope you will join me at the new site where I look forward to  providing you with amazing content.  Can’t wait to hear from you in 2015 and beyond!

Looking forward to seeing you at the new chapter 🙂





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