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How I keep from feeling overwhelmed – The Morning Pages

11 Apr

“Be willing to be a beginner.  Good things will happen.” – Julia Cameron

New Project 1

People often say to me, “You’re so laid back,  you’re so easy-going,” to which I nod my head and smile. But the truth is – I’m not.  Well let me rephrase that.  I am those things. But the real truth is, I have to work at it.  I have had days and weeks where I become overwhelmed with the things I have to do or think about, have trouble sleeping and become irritable and grumpy and I shut down. Projects I want to do, things I HAVE to do and all of the steps that go in hand with those projects can make me anxious.  The mind is a crazy thing that will just run rampant with anything you feed it!  I usually try to organize myself very well so I don’t get overwhelmed and that’s been a huge help.  But last year, I discovered a tool from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way to really work with anxious thoughts.  That tool is the Morning pages which I talk about in the video below.  The morning pages is a daily exercise that allows you to get all of those thoughts out of your head and into paper so they no longer bog down your brain and you are free to STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM.  I found for myself that doing this exercise daily (for weeks!) lent me relief and I actually had better days because of it.

How do you begin doing the morning pages yourself?  The steps are:

1 – Get a notebook or looseleaf paper.

2 – Write 3 pages every day, in long hand (print is fine).  3 pages = front of a page, back of the same page and front of one other page.

3 – Don’t think.  Just write.  Anything that comes to mind.  No really.  Anything.

This is not Shakespeare, this is not a writing sample for your job search, this isn’t even Dear Diary.  It’s a literal brain dump.  Complain.  Curse.  Be disgruntled and ugly and as mean as you want to be.  If you can’t think of anything write, “I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to write” until something comes to mind.  You may be surprised at what you want to gripe about!

This is a tool that I am so glad to have in my bag because when I use it, my day literally has more time in it and I feel clear-headed.  Watch the video to learn more about how it helped me learn how to deal with – well, myself!  Maybe it will be a help to you too.

Thanks for watching and talk to you soon!


“There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages.” – Julia Cameron

New Project 2

Me laughing at while looking back at an illegible, manic-looking entry.


How to recover from Too Much Fun

31 Mar

How to Recover Photo 2

I love having fun as much as the next person and sometimes, it catches up with me.  The good thing is that now, I am able to recognize signs that are telling me to take a break and get myself back on track.  Whereas before I would ignore the exhaustion and twitching eyelids (yes, this is a real thing) and carry on like a champ.

Here is my video to give you 4 methods or techniques, to help you begin a healthier lifestyle today!  It doesn’t even have to be a result of having too much fun.  Maybe it’s stress, frequent travel or anything else that is making you feel lethargic and unfocused.  These techniques will help you begin to reclaim your well-being, even if you decide to use one method at a time and focus on that.

Now its your turn – tell me what YOU do to recover from fun, stress and excessive travel in the comments below.

Thanks for tuning in!



Power Vinyasa Basics: What to expect in my yoga class.

8 Jan

Visiting a yoga studio for the first time can be intimidating but I’m here to take away some of that fear.  In this video, I will go over the basic sequence that is repeated frequently throughout my class along with a modification for those wish to take it a bit easier.  My intention is to help demystify the practice of yoga for you and encourage you to try a class with me soon.

See you in the studio!

XO – Patricia

It’s Wednesday and I wanna make that!

17 Oct

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the first episode of I wanna make that Wednesday!  In this ongoing series, I will make and test one of the many (I repeat MANY) homemade, all-natural, do-it-yourself-at-home beauty recipes I am constantly finding and bookmarking from the internet, tearing out of magazines, and highlighting in books. My hope is that my efforts to show you how it’s done and what the final product looks like will encourage you to try them out yourself and find a homemade, all-natural beauty recipe that truly works for you.

As you may know I am a HUGE fan of any beauty recipe that has 5 ingredients or less.  The less chemicals and the more all natural you lean, the better.  The recipe below calls for 3 ingredients:  1/2  an avocado, (1) tablespoon of plain yogurt and (1) teaspoon of honey.  Simple, clean and apparently, moisturizing!  Perfect for keeping your skin soft as the season changes.

Watch the video, make the recipe and  report back on what worked or didn’t work for you in the comments below

Thanks for tuning in and Happy Wednesday!

XO -Patricia

Deodorant Alternative: Lemon Slices

3 Sep

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I’m back with more options for you and your lemons! In this 5 minute video I talk a little bit about how my search for a good anti-perpirant brought me to a previously discarded idea of using lemon-slices.  I like this option because it allows me to A) use the most natural option I know of to keep myself feeling clean.  B) keeps the armpit dry in a way that the store brand deodorants don’t do and C) it not an antiperspirant so your body is still able to sweat as needed – very important! I’ve found that the moisture and chemicals from a store brand deodorant can get the armpit too um damp, causing inflammation, itchiness and redness.  Not cute.  Watch the video, try the option and let me know how it works for you by leaving comments below!  Thanks!