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Deodorant Alternative: Lemon Slices

3 Sep

Happy Labor Day everyone!

I’m back with more options for you and your lemons! In this 5 minute video I talk a little bit about how my search for a good anti-perpirant brought me to a previously discarded idea of using lemon-slices.  I like this option because it allows me to A) use the most natural option I know of to keep myself feeling clean.  B) keeps the armpit dry in a way that the store brand deodorants don’t do and C) it not an antiperspirant so your body is still able to sweat as needed – very important! I’ve found that the moisture and chemicals from a store brand deodorant can get the armpit too um damp, causing inflammation, itchiness and redness.  Not cute.  Watch the video, try the option and let me know how it works for you by leaving comments below!  Thanks!